Attending School

Information on school holidays, the school day and options available for after-school care...

School holidays

The academic year in state schools generally starts at the beginning of March and ends mid-December. The summer holidays occur during this break. Dates can vary slightly depending on the province.

Winter holidays start in mid-July, and are called receso. Schools also schedule week-long, half-term breaks during terms, though the exact dates for these are decided by the school itself.

Some private schools – especially bilingual ones – may start earlier in February and have midterm holidays at different periods tos state schools.

  • For information on the school calendar by province: Click here (PDF in Spanish)

Schools are closed on public holidays.

  • For a list of public holidays: Click here (in Spanish)

The school day

The school week runs from Monday to Friday.

Most schools divide their academic day into two sessions and a child attends only one session per school day. These two sessions run approximately from 08:15 and 12:15, and 13:00 and 17:15.

Depending on the part of the country, a variety of different systems are available. Some schools, including many international schools, opt for full-day schooling, known as doble escolaridad. The times for these vary depending on the institution but generally make up a full school day, for example, from 09:00 until 16:00.

After school care

Parents with children in private schools often make arrangements for nannies or housekeepers to look after children once school has finished or before it starts.

Arrangements for collecting children from schools vary. Private schools usually ask parents for a formal arrangement, detailing who is authorized to collect the child. Many people make arrangements with other parents of children who study together to drop off and pick up the children on alternate days.

Outside regular schooling hours, students can attend Additional Education Centers (Centros Educativos Complementarios). These centers are free of charge and begin at 16:30. Activities include:

  • Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • Art
  • Swimming

School uniforms

A school uniform is worn in state schools in Argentina, up until the age of 12 or beyond, depending on the school.