Children with Disabilities

Information on home schooling and the options available to parents of children with special educational needs...

The Ministry of Education states in its charter the right to education for any child with temporary or permanent disabilities.

  • For more government information about educating children with disabilities: Click here (in Spanish)
  • For detailed information about specific schools and institutions that cater for children with disabilities and special needs in the province of Buenos Aires: Click here (in Spanish)

Home schooling

The Ministry of Education promises to facilitate alternate means of education if a child is unable to attend regular school. Schooling at home may be provided for children whose health does not permit them to attend a regular school, but home schooling is not yet formally recognized.

Further information on home schooling for health reasons (Educación Hospitalaria y Domiciliaria) can be obtained from the Ministry of Education:

  • Educación Hospitalaria y Domiciliaria
    At: Pizzurno 935, 5° piso, oficina 502 B, CPA C1020ACA, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4129-1000