Enrolling in an Argentinian School

Find out what to expect during the enrolment process in Argentina...

The choice of which state school to attend depends on which catchment area (Distrito Escolar) a family lives in. Information on catchment areas can be obtained from the government ministries of the relevant provinces.

Application forms for schools can be obtained from the school itself.

The National Education Map (Mapo Educativo) allows the possibility to search for a school by province, city, name or type of school.

  • For a list of schools in Buenos Aires, searchable by neighborhood, catchment area and school year: Click here (in Spanish)

In all schools, the following documents are required for enrolment, although each individual school may have additional requirements:

  • Health booklet (Libreta Sanitaria Materno-Infantil)
  • National Identity Document (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and/or birth certificate
  • At least two photographs