Emergency Numbers

Who to call and what to say in an emergency...

All emergency numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money. However, many public telephones are out of order in Buenos Aires city and its suburbs. Shops often have phone booths (locutorios) which can be used in the event of an emergency.

Unless stated, there is no guarantee that any English is spoken on any of the following emergency and helpline telephone numbers. All numbers can be called free from fixed landline, public telephone or mobile cellular phone.

Service Telephone
General emergencies Buenos Aires City and Province Tel: 911
Police Tel: 101
Fire Tel: 100
Medical Emergencies Tel: 107
Tourist Police Tel: 0800-999-5000 / 0800-999-2838 (English is spoken)
Civil Defense Tel: 103
Environmental Emergency Tel: 105
Emergency at sea
Tel: 106

Emergency Words and Terminology

Please note: these phrases have been simplified for easy communication by a non-Spanish speaker. They are not necessarily grammatically correct Spanish.

English Spanish
Accident Un accidente
I have had an accident He tenido un accidente
Injured Herido
Unconscious Inconsciente
Bleeding Sangrando
Heart attack Paro cardiaco
Stroke ACV (Un accidente cerebro vascular)
Drowning Ahogando
Burn Quemado
Very sick Muy enfermo
In labor/having contractions Con contracciones
I am in labor Tengo contracciones
Need a doctor Necesito un doctor
Need an ambulance Necesito una ambulancia
Fire Fuego / Incendio
The house is on fire La casa se está incendiando
The car is on fire El auto se está incendiando
I am being burgled Me están robando
Someone is in the house Alguien entró a la casa
Emergency Una emergencia
Help me Ayúdenme
Help! ¡Socorro!