Finding a Doctor

Information on how to find a general practitioner or medical specialist, plus details on medical emergencies and who to contact...

Visits to doctors are usually by appointment, although walk-in clinics (guardias) are available at hospitals. Some patients can choose their general practitioner; this depends on the system by which they are covered. Patients with government-funded healthcare are generally assigned a doctor. It is possible to consult a specialist at a public hospital.

Those with private insurance can generally choose which doctor they visit, or they are given a list of physicians to choose from.

English-speaking doctors can often be found in both public and private hospitals, One example is the British Hospital in Buenos Aires. Consulates and embassies can also provide contact details of English-speaking doctors.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of an emergency contact the emergency services if an ambulance is required.

  • Tel: 107

In an emergency, go to either a doctor or hospital. If it is a serious medical emergency, it is advisable to go a hospital emergency room (sala de primeros auxilios).