Hospitals and Pharmacies

Understand what costs to expect if you are hospitalized or prescribed medication and how to find your nearest 24 hour pharmacy in Argentina...

Public Hospitals

Public hospitals vary in quality and efficiency, often making them an inferior option to private institutions. Services and treatment are free, though certain prescriptions need to be paid for by the patient.

Private Hospitals and Clinics

There are many private establishments in Argentina, mostly of a very high standard. Each insurance company provides a list of the hospitals and clinics covered by its scheme and usually indicates those where English-speaking doctors are available.


Most pharmacies in Argentina sell a wide range of products and prescription medicines, including some over-the-counter medicines which can be purchased without a prescription.

In larger cities there are always a number of pharmacies which are open 24 hours.

Paying for medicine

A variety of medication is available at a reduced price or free of charge to those who are members of a social insurance scheme or are covered by private insurance.

Seventy percent of the retail price for medicines is covered for certain illnesses such as respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Medicine for serious, ongoing medical conditions may be covered entirely, for example for cancer patients, or those with diabetes or chronic kidney disease.