Maternity Leave and Benefits

Information on maternity leave and job protection in Argentina...

Women receive pregnancy benefits and job protection in Argentina. Mothers should inform their employees of their pregnancy in writing, and enclose a medical document stating the expected date of delivery.

Mothers are allowed 90 days' maternity leave during which they are paid by their employer. Women usually take 45 days before and 45 days after pregnancy. It is not permitted to work any longer than 30 days before the expected birth date. Some institutions offer a longer period of maternity leave.

Returning to work

Mothers may choose not to return to work and receive severance pay instead. Those mothers who choose to extend their absence from work for a period of three to six months are not paid. This extended work absence is only available for those who have been employed for longer than one year.

Mothers are entitled to two half-hour breaks a day for breastfeeding.

Plan Nacer

Argentina has a strong support system for working mothers; a national organization called Plan Nacer which provides free child care for those with low or no income. Foreigners are only eligible if they have been resident in Argentina for three years or more.