Post-natal Care

Find out what support and medical care are available in Argentina for parents and babies following a birth...

Women generally have a health check-up between four and six weeks after the birth. A free service called the Maternal and Child Health Program (Programa Materno Infantil) at public hospitals and other public health institutions provides check-ups for pregnant women and children up to the age of five. It is recommended that pregnant women, and children in their first year have monthly check-ups.

  • For more information about the Maternal and Child Health Program: Click here (in Spanish)

Health booklet

Following the birth, the mother receives a health booklet (Libreta Sanitaria Materno-Infantil). This records information about the birth (natural or cesarean) as well as the baby's weight and length and any other relevant information. This booklet is presented each time the child visits a doctor or pediatrician until the age of 12, and records vaccinations and any other health information relating to the child.


A newborn is vaccinated against hepatitis B and tuberculosis. The Argentine government provides a vaccination calendar detailing age and dosage information for all mandatory vaccinations.

  • For a full list of vaccinations: Click here (in Spanish)

Further information on the immunization schedule can be obtained from the Ministry of Health: