Real Estate Purchase and Sale Costs

Find out about the costs involved when buying a property in Argentina...

A stamp fee is applicable to both the buyer and seller and the amount varies from one province to another. For example, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the stamp fee is 2.2 percent of the sale value.

In downtown Buenos Aires the stamp tax is 1,25 percent for both the buyer and seller, and applies only to properties not declared as 1st. and only personal residence.

Other fees to take into account are:

  • Notary costs: Approximately one percent of the closing value
  • Notary fees: One to two percent of the closing value.
  • Realtor fees payable by purchaser: These are usually split 50/50 between listing and buyer agent. The owner pays between two and three percent realtor fees plus 21 percent VAT on that amount
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