Mail and Postal Services

Information on post offices and the mail and postal services provided by Correo Argentina, including details on sending and receiving mail...

For private customers there an option to send post by recorded delivery. It is known as Track & Trace or T&T.

Business customers are able to take advantage of a variety of postal services provided by Correo Argentino.

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Sending mail and parcels

Specific rates apply to postage in Argentina depending on the weight and size of the letter or parcel. Stamps can be purchased at Correo Argentino offices and at other shops with the Correo Argentino sign outside.

Mail boxes

Letters and mail can be posted at the Correo Argentino office and at red post boxes in the street marked either Buzon or Correo.

Receiving mail

Mail is delivered to the recipient's address. For mail requiring a signature where the recipient is not at home, a note is left prompting the recipient to collect from the post office.

If a package has failed to be delivered and was sent using Correo Argentino, customers can fill out a form (Reclamos) available on their website.

Mail can be requested to be delivered to the post office for extra security or for people with no fixed address in the country. There is often a charge for this service. It is advisable to put a date on the letter to indicate for how long the item is to be held.

Post Offices

Correo Argentino has over 5,000 outlets across Argentina in both towns and rural communities. Other outlets called Locutorios also provide basic mailing facilities where the Correo Argentino sign is displayed. Opening hours of the offices vary across the country.

Mail Forwarding

There is no mail forwarding service provided by Correo Argentina.