Finding a Rental Property in Argentina

How to go about finding a house or apartment to rent in Argentina...

Rental properties can be found by searching lists of houses and apartments available for rent in the classified sections of local papers, as well as by searching property and newspaper websites.

Useful resources include the websites of the newspapers La Nación and El Clarin (in Spanish).

Estate agents

There are also a number of websites which provide information about rental properties from many different estate agents.

The Argentinian Chamber of Real Estate (Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina -CIA) provides information about the legal aspects of renting in Argentina, as well as an extensive list of estate agents.

  • Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina
    Tel: (011) 5031-3333

Their website allows a search by company name (razón social) or by location (ubicación).

It is normal to pay commission to an estate agent if they help in finding a rental property. This can be the equivalent of one month's rent in Buenos Aires, but costs may vary in other provinces.

Student accommodation

Student housing associations are available to help students find property to rent in university towns.

Types of accommodation that are popular with students include residencias - these are like hostels with rooms for two, three or four people - and home stays, where the student lives with a family.

Furnished and unfurnished properties

Renting in Argentina is generally divided into two categories: temporary and long-term accommodation. Temporary accommodation is generally furnished. Most houses and apartments for long-term rentals are unfurnished, although a few furnished properties are available. Unfurnished properties usually have a partially equipped kitchen, with a cooker and oven but no fridge or freezer.

When visiting a property, it is recommended to check with the landlord or the agency what furnishings are provided and make sure these are included in the contract.

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