Electricity and Gas

Find out how to get connected to electricity and gas suppliers in Argentina...


The Electricity Regulator in Argentina is ENRE.

  • ENRE
    : Suipacha 615, C1008AAM, Buenos Aires
    Tel: 0800-333-3000 (toll-free)
  • For a list of electricity providers in Argentina: Click here

Getting connected

To be connected to an electricity service, a resident must:

  • Have proof of ownership of a property or a rental agreement
  • Have no previous debts for electricity supply
  • Pay the necessary deposit where required
  • Pay all costs for installation and equipment, where applicable
  • Complete all relevant application forms

It may be necessary to wait as long as three weeks for installation, so it is advisable to contact the company well in advance.

Payments can be made in person, by direct debit or online. It is often also possible to pay bills for various services, such as gas and electricity, to the same provider.


The regulating body for the mains gas supply in Argentina is ENARGAS.

    At: Suipacha 636 C1008AAN, Buenos Aires
    Tel: 0800-333-4444 (toll-free)

Gas is provided by various distributors and sold to the public through sub-distributors.

  • For a map of licensed gas distributors in Argentina: Click here
  • For a list of sub-distributors by region: Click here

Gas in Buenos Aires is provided by MetroGAS:

  • MetroGAS
    : Gregorio Aráoz de Lamadrid 1360, C 1267 AAB, Buenos Aires
    Tel: (011) 4309 1000 / 0800 333 6427

Getting connected in Buenos Aires

The process involves ensuring the area is supplied by MetroGAS, contacting a gas technician (gasista) to come to the home, and filling out various forms. Gas is then connected within 30 days.

  • For step-by-step instructions on getting connected in English: Click here