Getting Online: Internet in Argentina

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Argentina...

Both Telefónica and Telecom provide Internet packages along with fixed lines and mobile telephones. There are also a number of other providers.

  • For a list of the main Internet providers in Argentina: Click here (in Spanish)

The list can be searched by provider and geographical location.

There are a number of options for connecting to the Internet: dial-up access, ADSL, and cable connections. Dial-up is cheapest and cable is the most expensive. In general, a minimum of one year's subscription is required. Subscriptions can either be a flat rate monthly fee or can be charged according to usage.

A place of residence and an Argentinian ID document (DNI) are necessary to take out an Internet contract. This can be set up online, over the telephone or in a shop. Once purchased, it can take between three and 30 days to be connected.