Getting Connected to Landlines in Argentina

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Argentina...

The main telephone service providers in Argentina are:

Various packages are available, with detailed information provided on the individual companies' websites.

To help in choosing between providers, the Consumer Defense service (Defensa de Consumidor) on the Ministry of Economy and Production website provides information: Click here (in Spanish).

Proof of a permanent address matching the one shown on the Argentinian ID document (DNI) or similar documentation is required to set up a connection. Installation can be arranged within three to ten days.

Telecom Argentina

  • For customer service Tel: 112
  • For information on packages available with Telecom: Click here (in Spanish)
  • To report a faulty line/malfunction Tel: 114
  • To find a local Telecom office: Click here (in Spanish)


  • For information on prices for the various packages available: Click here (in Spanish)
  • Subscriptions to Telefónica can be processed online: Click here and select a package

Paying bills

Bills for both Telecom and Telefónica can be paid by direct debit, online, by telephone (for Telecom, on 0800-777-PAGOS 72467) or at agencies Rapipago, Pago Fácil and CobroExpress.

  • For information on payment options for Telecom: Click here (in Spanish)
  • For information on payment options for Telefónica: Click here (in Spanish)