Telephone Numbers in Argentina

Information on telephone services in Argentina, as well as details on making a phone call and useful telephone numbers...

The regulating body for telephone and Internet services is the National Communications Commission (Comisión Nacional de Comunicación).

  • The government website provides information about telecommunications in Argentina: Click here (in Spanish)

Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers are generally ten digit; add the area code before the number. If dialing within the same area, it is not necessary to add the area code. If dialing long distance, dial the area code, and add the trunk code, which is 0.

For mobile numbers, add 15 before the eight digit number. If calling a long-distance domestic mobile number, dial 0 + area code + 15 before the mobile number; for example 0 (11) 15 1234-5678. Do not add 15 when calling from one mobile telephone to another.

International calls

  • To call internationally from Argentina: 00 + country code + phone number
  • To call internationally to Argentina: +54 + area code + number

Phone numbers in some areas of Argentina are currently undergoing changes to cope with the amount of new numbers that need to be made available.

  • For information on the changes: Click here (in Spanish)

Useful numbers

  • National operator Tel: 16
  • International operator Tel: 000