Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in Argentina and the different providers involved...

The regulating body for water in Argentina is ERAS.

  • ERAS
    : Oficina de Atención al Usuario, Av. Callao 982, CABA, CP 1023
    Tel: 0800-333-0200 (toll-free)
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

One of the main water providers for Buenos Aires is AySA:

Other suppliers include Sudamericana de Aguas and ABSA.

The water bill in Buenos Aires is usually divided into two amounts; 50 percent is a fixed rate which varies according to the size of the property, and 50 percent is for consumption. Bills are issued every two months. It is common practice to pay water bills by direct debit.

Requirements for water connection

The following documents are required in order to get connected to the water supply:

  • A copy of the previous water bill from the previous owner or tenant
  • The deed (escritura) for the property notarised (stamped) by the Property Registry Office (Registro de la Propiedad Inmueble)
  • Identity document

If renting:

  • All of the above documents, as well as the lease and the tenant's identity documents

For a list of documentation required for various procedures and contact details of AySA offices in Buenos Aires: Click here (in Spanish).