Traditional Argentinian Dishes

Find out about traditional Argentinian specialities such as asado, beef, dulce de leche, empanadas and more...

Beef is extremely popular in Argentina and the country has the second highest consumption in the world. Cuts of beef differ from those produced in other countries and are known as:

  • Baby bife - approximately 500g of steak
  • Bife de lomo - filet
  • Bife de costilla - T-bone steak
  • Bife de chorizo/bife angosto - strip loin steaks; the bife de chorizo is a larger cut
  • Cuadril - rump steak

Beef is often served with chimichurri sauce, made from garlic, parsley, vinegar and red pepper flakes.

Empanadas: Savory pastries filled with a variety of both meat and vegetable fillings. Empanadas are extremely popular and consumed throughout the country, with fillings and cooking methods varying throughout the different regions.

Asado: An extremely popular way of cooking meats and vegetables by grilling on a barbecue. Beef, pork, lamb and goat are all eaten, with beef being the most popular. At large gatherings, a vast and varied amount of meat is often consumed; Argentinians use more parts of the animal than is common in many countries.

Carbonada: A type of stew with potatoes, meat, pumpkins and corn. It is often baked in an oven inside the pumpkin itself.

Locro: A rich stew of meat and vegetables, popular throughout Argentina. The main ingredients are beef, pork, corn, beans and yellow pumpkin.

Milanesa: Breaded meat, usually beef, eaten as a main course or as a snack in sandwiches.

Parallada: A mixed grill with chicken, beef, sausage (chorizo and black pudding - morcilla are often used) and ribs as well as offal and sweet-bread. In some parts of the country goat is the main meat used.

Italian staples: Pizza is a popular meal, highlighting the Italian influences on the cuisine. Different types of dough are used, depending on the region. Many pasta and sauce dishes are also eaten in Argentina.


Alfajores: These are similar to shortbread cookies and are made with two biscuits filled with dulce de leche. Recipes vary from region to region and they can also be filled with jam or a type of nougat candy.

Ambrosía: This is a type of egg paste made with sugar and syrup.

Dulce de leche: Extremely popular in Argentina, this is a sweet paste used to fill cakes and pancakes, made from simmering milk and vanilla-flavored sugar together.