National Parks in Argentina

Find out about Argentina's national parks...

Argentina has numerous national parks which can be explored for their beauty, historical value, and to practice outdoor sports.

  • Glaciers National Park is home to one of the world's most stunning glacial landscapes. Monte Fitz Roy dominates the landscape which is home to several endangered species including the pudú, or short deer, and the huanaco, a llama-like animal
  • Iguazú National Park on the Brazilian border is home to the world famous Iguazú Falls, which are set in a vast area of subtropical forest with numerous insect and bird species. The falls include 275 waterfalls of various sizes. It is one of the most ecologically diverse areas in Argentina
  • Lanín National Park has been developed around the 3776m Lanín Volcano, which is known for its near perfect conical shape
  • Los Cardones National Park was created to preserve the giant cacti; their fruit is called pascana and is edible. The park's mountainous desert landscape is also very beautiful. It is a popular park with trekkers
  • Nahuel Huapi National Park was the first national park created in South America. Located in the southern Andes, with beautiful mountain landscapes, it is famous for its lakes and is popular for sport fishing, walking, mountaineering, and skiing
  • Talampaya National Park is a land of interesting geological formations: pillars, canyons and a formation known as the Lost City. The park is also of archeological interest as the region is home to ceramics and rock paintings from the region's ancient inhabitants

There are many more national parks in Argentina. Further information can be found on the Adminstración de Parques Nacionales website.