Fishing in Argentina

Find out about the fishing categories, seasons and the permits required to fish the fresh water rivers, canals, lakes and dams of Argentina...

Argentina has a wide variety of locations for all types of sport fishing. Anglers can fish in rivers, lakes, along the coast and in the Atlantic Ocean, in ponds and even in dam reservoirs.

The Argentina Turistica website has information about fishing regions throughout the country, with details of the types of fish that can be caught.

Information is also available from the online fishing guide, Guia de Pesca (in Spanish).

Fish Species

Some of the main types of fish that can be caught in Argentina include:

  • Sea fish: hake, bonito, catfish, yellowtail amberjack, mackerel, sea bass, sharks, pejerrey de mar, flatfish, bluefish, sandperch and croaker
  • Freshwater fish: a wide variety of species can be found in the many rivers and lakes of Argentina. The main species are: boga, dorado, striped mullet, pacú, pati, Paraná salmon, pejerrey (silverside), perch, dientudo and catfish.

Types of Fishing

  • Fly fishing - practiced during the winter in Argentina, usually for catching salmonids
  • Spinning - very popular, and carried out mostly in the Río de la Plata and in the sea. A number of river species such as dorado and surubíe are fished in this way, while in the sea, sharks, anchovies, mackerel and greater amberjack amongst others can be caught
  • Trolling - this is the main method used in the Alto Paraná River for big dorados and surubíes. It is also used in the lakes in the south near the Andes Mountains for fishing salmonids

For further information on fishing methods in Argentina, see the Argentina Turistica website.

Fishing Permits/Licenses

Fishing in Argentina is regulated by provincial regulations. Information on obtaining a permit in some of Argentina's provinces can be found in Spanish through the links below (in Spanish):

For information on fishing legislation in Argentina: Click here (in Spanish).