Golf in Argentina

Information for golfers on golf courses, regulations and organizations in Argentina…

Argentina has, over the years, become an attractive destination for golfers from all over the world and was declared to be the “Best Golf Destination in the Latin American and Caribbean Region” by the IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators).

Golf has become increasingly popular in Argentina and today there are over 300 registered golf courses all over the country, three of which are amongst the Top 100 courses in the world outside the United States. There are also a large number of unregistered courses and ranges.

Organizations and Courses

The Argentinian Golfing Association (Asociación Argentina de Golf – AAG) website provides a list of all the registered Golf courses in the country, in each of the 23 provinces. The list includes both public and private courses, although the vast majority are private.

The AAG practice driving range is ten minutes from the center of Buenos Aires, and there are a variety of different golf locations round the rest of the Province.

  • For further information on golf courses in the country: Click here

Playing Golf in Argentina

It is not necessary to join a private club in order to play golf in Argentina although some courses require a handicap certificate. Argentinian handicaps can be obtained through the AAG.

There are also public courses available which allow non-members to play. The public course belonging to the AAG is located in Villa Adelina (about half an hour from the center of Buenos Aires) and players with the following skills and experience are allowed to play here:

  • Players with a duly documented national or foreign handicap certificate (which they will be asked to display)
  • Players not having a national handicap certificate will be asked to submit a note from a golfing professional certifying that the player has the minimum conditions required for playing a round of golf. This certification is valid for a term of 60 days from the date it is first submitted and is not renewable. Certification forms may be requested at the Starter’s Office
  • Professional players able to certify their status as such, or recognized professional golf candidates
  • Anybody with authorisation from the AAG

Rules and Regulations

Argentina follows the rules established by the R&A, and the handicap system is determined by the AAG. The rules, which are amended every four years by the R&A, can be found at the AAG website (in Spanish).


A golfing handicap ensures that players compete fairly against each other, and allows them to play on any golf course registered with the AAG.

Each player is given an associated registration number by the AAG and a handicap number, which can be obtained through a golf club without having to be a full member.

Getting a handicap

On becoming a club member, players are required to play five 18-hole rounds or ten 9-hole rounds accompanied by a pro or a certified amateur who marks the number of strokes on the course card. The player then submits the cards to the club who forwards them to the AAG.

As a general rule the AAG normally awards a handicap of 25 and then adjusts it, based on the cards submitted, until the player’s real handicap is reached. Renewal and updating of handicaps is also carried out on the basis of these cards.

The rule established by the AAG is that a player’s most recent handicap is based on the average of the eight best differentials for the last 16 cards submitted. Once this average has been calculated it is compared with the official AAG chart for handicaps vs. averages, which finally establishes the player’s updated handicap.


There is no strict uniform although a T-shirt with a collar is considered standard. Trousers or adequate shorts are equally acceptable.

Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is not usually required unless a player is registering for a tournament.