Water Sports in Argentina

Information about popular watersports in Argentina, with details on diving, canoeing, windsurfing and surfing...


Canoeing and kayaking are popular in the rivers, lakes and reservoirs in Argentina, as well as in the sea. Many popular spots have kayaking centers which offer tours, tuition and equipment hire. There are also canoe clubs around the country offering teaching, training and chances to meet like-minded individuals.

The Paraná and Uruguay Rivers are popular for paddling and are accessible from Paraná, Colón and Gualeguaychú.

The lake basin of the Lanín National Park in Neuquén Province and the lakes in the Los Alerces National Park are good places to canoe and kayak in locations of outstanding natural beauty.

Patagonia's rivers and numerous fjords offer something for paddlers of all abilities who want to explore this wilderness.


The long Argentinean coastline has a wealth of diving opportunities. There are many dive schools offering lessons, equipment hire and guided dives.

There are a number of diving schools on the Mer del Plata beaches; however, Puerto Madryn is the most famous spot in the country for scuba diving. The area has diverse marine fauna and is famous for its sea lions. It is a region of cold water diving so a wet suit is necessary.

Peninsula Valdes, one hour from Puerto Madryn, is a marine wildlife reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to dolphins, whales, sea lions and elephant seals. It is not uncommon to hear whale song during a dive. The only town inside the reserve is Puerto Pirámides where some dive companies are based.

Ushuaia in the Beagle Channel, which is at the southernmost tip of Argentina, is another famous diving region. The water is extremely cold, but in summer it is often calm and clear allowing divers to explore shipwrecks, kelp forests and wildlife, including king crabs and jellyfish.

  • For more information on diving from Argentina Diving: Click here (in Spanish)


Surfing is a popular sport in Argentina as there is a year round consistent swell along much of the country's coastline. Most of the popular beaches have surf schools where surfers can hire equipment and have lessons.

Mar de Plata, a town south of Buenos Aires, is the most popular surfing location in the country with many good surfing beaches. This 64 Km coastline is the focus of Argentine surfing and has conditions to suit surfers of all abilities.

Playa Grande, south of Mar de Plata has the most consistent and well known surf in the area.

Playa Mariano has the greatest exposure to southern swells so the surf is usually more powerful and faster than at other beaches in the region. It is usually the best place to surf on the Mar del Plata stretch of coast. Antarctic currents, however, mean the water can be very cold. The best waves tend to occur when the swell comes from the south in autumn and winter. April and October are recognized to be the best months for surfing.

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Many of Argentina's beaches, including all the main surf spots near Mar del Plata are also popular with windsurfers. The country's many lakes offer a chance both to learn and improve at the sport.

Puerto Madryn in Patagonia is one of the country's best windsurfing spots.

The small town of Rodeo is the base for exploring the region where Dique del Viento, or the Lake of Wind, is found. At the foot of the Andes, 180 Km from the city of San Juan, it is extremely popular with both windsurfers and kitesurfers. Enthusiasts come to experience the Zonda Wind which blows over the Andes from the Pacific Ocean and can reach speeds of 120 Km per hour.

There are windsurfing clubs around the country and regular competitions for windsurfers of all abilities. Windsurf Argentina has information about the sport and competitions (in Spanish).

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