Income Tax in Argentina

Information on income tax in Argentina; who is liable for tax, how it's calculated, when to pay tax and the penalties for filing a late tax return...

Taxation of Individuals (Residents and Non-residents)

Individuals residing in Argentina are subject to tax on income arising from both Argentine and foreign sources. Non-residents are taxed only on Argentine-source income.


Individuals who reside permanently (having obtained permanent residency visa or having remained in Argentine for 12 months) in Argentina are considered residents. The permanent residence of an individual is determined by reference to such matters as location of home, location of spouse and dependents, personal property, economic interests and social ties. Individuals working in Argentina under duly accredited working contracts for periods of five years or less are not considered residents, but non-residents in Argentina on a permanent basis. As such, these individuals may be taxed as a resident on their Argentine source income, but are not subject to tax on their worldwide income.

Non-residents working six months or less are subject to a 24.5 percent withholding tax on compensation for services rendered.

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