Benefits and Allowances in Argentina

Understand the cover and entitlements of the social welfare system in Argentina...

Disability Benefits

People with disabilities can request a variety of benefits which are centralized by the ANSES and the National Disability Service (Servicio Nacional de Discapacidad) and are administered by associations and NGOs, such as Soles de Buenos Aires and CILSA.

These benefits include a disability certificate which allows the claimant to travel free on all public transport (bus, coach, underground and train services) throughout Argentina. People with a physical disability can also buy cars tax-free. Holders of a disability certificate are entitled to special parking and toll-free facilities.

Special education is provided by the state for people with mental disabilities, and day-care centers are also available, teaching a variety of trades. Private special education institutions can also be found.

Disabled people associated with PAMI (the Senior Citizen Social Service) are given free medication and free hearing aids, by the PAMI authorities.

Universal Allowance per Child for Social Protection

This benefit, also handled by the ANSES, is for people who are unemployed or who earn less than the minimum salary, and whose children are under 18 years of age.

The purpose of this allowance is to ensure that children and teenagers attend school, undergo regular health tests and comply with the compulsory vaccination schedule, all of which are mandatory requirements for collecting the allowance.

Claims should be submitted to the ANSES (either personally or by phone) and, provided the claimant and their family are registered with the ANSES, the allowance is paid automatically, without the need for any further paperwork. If the claimants are not registered they are required to go to an ANSES office, or any of the National Social Development Ministry or Labor and Social Security Ministry Employment offices, with the following documentation:

  • Two copies of ID, including the original
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Judicial testimonies, in the case of guardians or foster parents

Universal Family Allowance per Disabled Child for Social Protection

This benefit is similar to that described above, but has no age limit.

Maternity Leave

Women are allowed three months of paid maternity leave. Men, on the other hand are currently only legally entitled to two days' paternity leave, although companies are often willing to extend this period.

Pregnancy Allowance

This involves the payment of a monthly sum of money to employees or the beneficiaries of a Labor Risk Insurance Policy, payable from the time of conception until the end of the pregnancy. It is paid to only one of the parents.