Find out about the role of the escribano (public notary) and other professionals involved in a succession...

A notary is a highly-trained legal professional who specializes in drafting specific types of documentation and legal advice. In Argentina, a notario públic0 is charged with rendering services concerning property law, family law, probate estates, wills, trusts, succession-, inheritance- and corporate law, among other areas.  Notaries hold a public office and are primarily responsible for assuring the validity of the transactions legalized.

Notaries are typically needed for services such as:

  • Preparing and executing deeds having probative value and executory force
  • Explaining the nature and content of the deeds and contracts
  • Performing title searches
  • Acting as an escrow agent
  • Preparing sale and purchase agreements
  • Preparing and executing transfer deeds and mortgage deeds
  • Causing certain deeds to be inscribed in the public registers
  • Incorporation of legal entities such as Limited Liability Companies, foundations, private fund foundations and associations
  • Filing documentation of legal entities with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Preparation of share transfer instruments
  • Preparing and executing deeds of last will and testament
  • Partition and division of estates
  • Acting as a mediator
  • Performing basic services including authenticating signatures and other verifications
  • Taking oaths and witnessing affidavits
  • Serving as a witness of signatures and certified copies of documents
  • Serving as power of attorney

The purchase of property in Argentina requires registration before an Argentinian public notary. It is also necessary to acquire, or dispose of, a title in Argentinian real estate.

Notarisation is a process that includes advising for the parties involved in the transaction as well as the full preparation of the notarial deed.

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