Pet Travel and Carrier Arrangements

Find out how to transport your pet safely and legally into and around Argentina...

Pet Carriers

Many of the major airlines serving Argentina cater for cats and dogs. Each has its own restrictions and requirements and should be contacted prior to travel.

  • For general information on shipping cats and dogs from the International Air Transport Association (IATA): Click here

A number of companies in Argentina cater for the transport of domestic animals, both nationally and internationally.

Guide Dogs

A guide dog (perro lazarillo) is allowed to travel in the cabin, providing all the relevant health and vaccination certificates have been provided. It is best to contact individual airlines to find out about any specific restrictions and requirements.

Traveling with Pets on Coaches in Argentina

Small domestic pets may only travel on coaches in Argentina if the following documents are presented:

  • Valid vaccination certificate
  • Recent health certificate from a veterinarian

The relevant coach company should be contacted prior to travel.