Temporary and Permanent Residence Permits

Information on the different types of residence permits available when moving to Argentina...

Permanent Residence

A permanent residence permit grants to a foreigner the right to reside and work in Argentina indefinitely. A non-Argentine citizen may apply for a permanent residence where he/she is related to an Argentine citizen (wife or husband, son or daughter or parent). A non-Argentine citizen may also obtain permanent residence in the country after having extended the temporary residence for some time. Documentation such as a certificate that the applicant has no criminal record and birth and marriage certificates will be required.

Temporary Residence

A permit for non-permanent residence is granted to foreigners wishing to enter the country for a limited period of time. There are different categories for which foreigners may apply. To apply for a temporary residence permit in order to work in the country the applicant and his or her family must provide certain personal data and documents. In addition, the company for which the applicant will work must provide additional corporate information, and the applicant and the employer must enter into an employment contract that contains certain required clauses regarding term and visa requirements. The applicant should also file personal documentation such as birth and marriage certificates and a certificate showing he/she has no criminal record. The authorization may be granted for a period of up to one year and may be renewed for an equal period.

MERCOSUR Nationals

The process for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence in Argentina varies considerably for those citizens born in the following countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Citizens from these countries may apply for an initial two-year temporary residence.

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