Driving Licenses in Argentina

Understand which types of driving license are legally accepted in Argentina...

Anyone driving any type of motor vehicle in Argentina must have a valid driving license (licencia de conducir).

A driving license must be carried at all times when driving and must be presented to an official on demand. License holders may only drive the category of vehicle for which their license is valid.

Foreigners in Argentina may drive on a valid driving license for one year starting from their date of residence. An international driver's license issued by the government of the home country is also recommended.

  • The minimum age to drive a motorbike of maximum 50cc (Class A1) is 16 years old
  • To drive motorbikes more than 50 cc (Classes A2 and B1), cars, trucks, and vans with a maximum weight of 3,500 kg, the minimum age is 17 years old
  • The minimum age at which a driver can obtain professional driving licenses C, D and E is 21 years old