Exchanging a Foreign License

Find out the steps to follow to exchange a foreign driving license for an Argentinian one...

Foreigners who do not have a driving license, or who hold a license from a country that is not recognized in Argentina, need to go through the full process of taking practical and theory tests in order to obtain a national driving license.

Licenses issued by Australia, England, an EU member state, the European Economic Area, South Africa, Switzerland, the United States, or by a country that ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, allow a foreigner to obtain an Argentinian license using the same procedure that an Argentinian citizen uses for renewing a license; a foreign driver does not have to take the complete test.

Bilateral agreements between Argentina, Italy and Spain state that an Italian or Spanish driving license can be converted to an Argentine license, but that the EU license is then forfeited. Converting a license is an administrative matter only; no tests are required.

For foreigners with temporary residence, an Argentinian driving license expires on the same day as a residence permit. Foreigners who have applied for permanent residency may hold a license for a maximum period of five years, or less depending on their age.

Licenses are exchanged or renewed at a licensing center, which must be authorized and approved by the National Road Safety Agency. The center should be the one located in the same jurisdiction as a person's legal address.

  • To find a local municipal office in Argentina: Click here (in Spanish)
  • For information on the procedure: Click here (in Spanish)

The following documents are required:

  • Proof of identity - original and photocopy
  • National identification number (DNI)
  • Certificate of residence (Certificado de domicilio) issued by the district Police Department (original and photocopies)
  • Driving license (translated into Spanish by an authorized translator)

A fee must be paid before the license is issued. Other documents may be required depending on the driver's immigration status.

In Buenos Aires, applications for a license are made in person at the General Office of Licenses and Road Education:

  • At: Av. Coronel. Roca 5252 PB, Buenos Aires
    Tel: 147
    Open: Monday to Friday, from 07:30-13:30

In Buenos Aires, drivers must attend a meeting for the renewal of their license. Meetings are free of charge, take 50 minutes and are held regularly at a number of locations. The certificate of participation is valid for 90 days.