Speed Limits, Road Classifications and Breakdown Recovery

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Argentina, plus who to call following a breakdown or accident..

Speed Limits

Frequent speed controls are in operation. The maximum speed limits in Argentina are:

  • Highways (autopista): 120 Km/h
  • Main/suburban roads: 80 Km/h
  • Urban areas (avenues): 60 Km/h
  • Residential areas (streets): 40 Km/h

Police checkpoints

On provincial roads which border neighboring countries, and in large towns, police frequently stop cars at police checkpoints (controles policiales) to check insurance, registration papers and driving licenses. They do not stop all cars, however; when drivers approach a checkpoint, they should drive slowly. Drivers who do so are usually waved through without being stopped.

Points System

A points system is currently being implemented in Argentina; this is not yet in place throughout the country, although it does operate in Buenos Aires City. When the system is fully implemented an Argentinian driving license will have 20 points, and points will be deducted for infractions. A minor speeding offense, for example, typically results in a two-point endorsement.

Restricted Area

Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the Microcentro (located between Avenida Córdoba, Alem, Avenida de Mayo, and Carlos) of Buenos Aires between 11:00 and 16:00 on Monday to Friday, unless a special permission has been obtained.


In Buenos Aires drivers are allowed to park on the right side of one-way streets unless a sign prohibits it. When finding parking on the street in cities, there are people who offer to help guard a vehicle while the driver is away. They expect to be paid a few pesos for this unofficial service.

Whenever possible in cities, a vehicle should be parked in a secure garage or car park.

Breakdown Assistance

Many insurance policies include a breakdown recovery service as part of the policy.

The Argentinian Automobile Club (Automovil Club Argentino) provides insurance as well as a breakdown and recovery service to members.