Road Traffic Accidents in Argentina

Traffic accident on Argentinian roads? Find out who to call and what to do after a car crash...

It is obligatory for all cars in Argentina to have Civil Liability (Responsabilidad Civil) or third party insurance. Other motor insurance: fire, theft, damage to the insured's vehicle is optional.

If involved in a road accident, this insurance covers any injury or damage caused to other parties and may include cover of any legal costs incurred. (Check details with the insurer).

What to do in the Event of an Accident

In the event of an accident involving damage to the insured vehicle, it is important to fill in an accident report form (Denuncia de Siniestro) which should include the following:

  • Location, date and hour of the accident, and details of the way in which the accident occurred; if possible take photos of the damages sustained by the vehicle/s
  • Weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • Details of any other persons involved, including name and surname, ID numbers, address, telephone number, driving license (check expiry date). Confirm whether the person driving was actually the owner or a third-party driver
  • Details of any other vehicle involved, including license plate, name and address of the insurance company, vehicle make and model, type of damages sustained
  • Contact details of any witnesses to the incident

The vehicle owner is required to go to the police station and file a police report, a copy of which must be submitted to the insurance company, within three days, along with the car registration documents (Cedula verde), the driver's driving license, the insurance card or coverage certificate and the latest insurance payment voucher.

If the accident is serious and involves injuries, the police should be contacted as soon as possible, Tel: 101. The driver and any passengers should move to a safe place and oncoming traffic should be alerted.

If damages include injuries and/or death as a result of the accident the Police will be required to intervene, and will take charge of collecting the details of all those involved, and determining the exact position of the vehicles.

  • For more information on what to do in the event of an accident: Click here (in Spanish)