Busses and Coaches

Find out how to get around Argentina using the bus and coach networks. Also details on local taxi services...

Colectivo bus services run in every city across the country. They are one of the most popular and widely used public transport systems in Argentina. Services can be either privately or state run and the quality can vary greatly between cities.

Long-distance coach services operate throughout Argentina to the border countries of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. They are usually privately owned and cover the vast majority of towns and cities across the country. Journeys are usually long with companies offering three types of seat depending on distance: regular (normal seat), semi-cama (reclining seat/bed) and cama (bed similar to airline business class). Some lines offer on-board dining and washroom facilities while others stop at restaurants - refreshments are often included in the fare.

There is a huge choice of bus companies, and travelers are recommended to shop around to find the best fare. Some journeys to popular destinations such as the Lake District should be booked a few months in advance. Bus Travel Argentina lists a number of companies running long distance services across the country.

The main bus station in Buenos Aires (and also in Argentina) is Terminal Retiro.


Taxis are common in all areas and are a safe form of public transport. They usually differ in color and fares depending on the town or city in which they operate; however, they are usually black and yellow in the largest urban areas. Taxis can be flagged down in the major conurbations, and operate on a meter.

Radio taxis, remises, can be called for in most areas and fees are agreed beforehand. Illegal taxis are frequently found in cities, and it is advisable for security reasons not to choose this form of transport, as many do not have seatbelts and there have been reports of thefts from passengers.