Argentina by Train

Find out about traveling on Argentina's rail transport network including domestic and international trains, and local trams and metro services...

Formerly the country's primary form of long distance travel, the Ferrocarriles Argentinos rail network was privatized in the 1990s. As a result of this move and the improvement of the road infrastructure, the rail service was downsized and has become less popular over time. There is currently approximately 34,000 Km of track.

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There are three main train stations in Buenos Aires: Retiro, Constitucion and Once. Long-distance trains run from the country's capital to Tucumán and Córdoba. There are up to four different classes on long distance trains. Turista is the cheapest and most basic travel class. Coche de cama are sleeper compartments and the most comfortable way of traveling by train. Other classes generally have air conditioning and reclining seats.

Tourist trains

There are a number of local tourist trains that travel through the most scenic areas of the country:

  • La Trochita - Narrow gage steam railway that travels for 400 Km through the foothills of the Andes
  • Southern Fuegian Railway - Narrow gage steam railway considered to be the southernmost functioning railway in the world. It serves the Tierra de Fuego National Park
  • Tren Historico de Vapor - Narrow gage tourist steam railway near the town of Bariloche

High speed rail

There is a Tren de Alta Velocidad (TAVe) line planned from Buenos Aires to Cordoba via Rosario. The project is currently 'on hold' owing to the ongoing financial crisis.

Buenos Aires metro and suburban system

The Buenos Aires Metro system is often referred to as el subte. It has 259 stations and 813 Km of commuter rail track servicing the metropolitan area of Greater Buenos Aires along eight lines. The lines are privately owned and are now operated by Metrovías.

There has been a revival of the tram system in Buenos Aires after its initial retirement in the 1960s. A two Km tram system known as the Tranvia del Este was inaugurated in 2007 in the Puerto Madero district of the city.

Mendoza and Resistencia

Mendoza and Resistencia are the only other towns in Argentina to have suburban commuter systems.

In Mendoza construction started on the A1 line in 2009. This suburban light rail metro system, called the Metrotranvia de Mendoza, is due for completion in 2011.

Resistencia, in the northern Chaco area of the country, has had a provincially funded suburban train system since 1997.