Buying a New Car in Argentina

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying a new car in Argentina...

Foreigners who are able to provide proof of temporary residence and who are in compliance with tax requirements are entitled to buy or sell a vehicle in Argentina without further complications. New cars are usually sold at a dealership. A buyer must provide a photocopy of their passport.

An application for Initial Registration has to be handed in at the National Automotive Ownership Registry office (Registro Nacional de la Propiedad del Automotor - DNRPA) in the place of residence.

The following documents are also required:

  • Manufacturer's certificate or Customs certificate
  • Type 01 form application for registration
  • Type 12 form: this is a mandatory vehicle verification form stating the chassis and engine number
  • Purchase invoice: both the original and a photocopy
  • Purchaser's document: both the original and a photocopy
  • Photocopies of the buyer's CUIT, CUIL or CDI number is required (this is a tax identification number)
  • Tax clearance or form 13A, which can be obtained from the DNRPA