Importing a Vehicle

Details on bringing a vehicle to Argentina, with details on temporary entry and importation...

Vehicles may be brought into Argentina in one of two different ways:

  • A temporary entry permit
  • Importation

A temporary import will be completed at the point of entry into Argentina. The information below is intended as a simplified guide to what is an extremely complex process for both temporary entry and for importation.

The first step is to contact the Argentinian consulate in the country of residence to start the procedure for bringing a car to Argentina.

According to Law No. 25,871 and its amendments and the Decree No. 616 of May 6, 2010, the following people may import cars:

  • Foreigners with permanent residency in Argentina and returning Argentinian citizens
  • Foreigners with a temporary visa
  • Diplomats and military personnel

Foreigners with Permanent Residency

Returning Argentinian citizens and foreigners with a permanent resident visa may import one used car and/or one motorcycle, and no more than two vehicles per family. The vehicle owner must be at least 21 years old and the vehicle must be registered in their name and have been used by them for at least three months prior to arrival. Permanent residency must be obtained before the vehicle arrives in Argentina. The import of new vehicles is subject to regulations - only certain makes and models may be imported.

Vehicles with a value of less than or equal to fifteen thousand dollars (U$S 15,000) or its equivalent in another currency are excempt from import duties, taxes and other contributions. If the vehicle exceeds a value of US$ 15,000, estimated costs are approximately 80 to 100 percent of the vehicle's value, which includes tax and freight.

The vehicle may arrive in Argentina no more than three months before the owner's arrival in the country and no later than six months afterwards. The car will only be released after the arrival of the owner in Argentina. If the vehicle arrives in Argentina before its owner, it will remain at customs until the owner's arrival in the country.

The vehicle may not be sold in Argentina during the first two years after import.

Temporary Entry

The authorities allow the importation of one car and/or one motorcycle temporarily for the same period for which the owner's visa is granted and may be renewed as often as the visa is renewed. After this period the car/motorcycle must leave Argentina.

Documents Required

The following documents are required to bring a vehicle to Argentina:

  • Proof of identity, passport with the appropriate visa or DNI (national identity document)
  • Foreigners with permanent residence in the country, the certification issued by the National Directorate of Migration
  • Original purchase invoice of the car/motorbike
  • Original driving license
  • Original car/motorbike registration documents
  • Three original Ocean Bill of Ladings in the shipper's name
  • Certificate of residence: Returning Argentinian citizens must provide a certificate of residence from their previous country of residence proving that they have lived abroad for the last two years. Foreigners must provide a certificate of residence stating that they have lived in the country of origin for at least 12 months. This can be obtained from the Argentinian Consulate in the place of residence
  • A Pre/Shipment Inspection Certificate (Certificado de pre-embarque)

All documents issued abroad must be certified and authenticated by the Argentinian Consulate with jurisdiction in the country. Documents in a foreign language must be translated by a certified public translator (Traductor Publico Nacional).

Diplomats and military personnel can obtain the necessary documents for import from the Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.