Further and Higher Education

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Vocational/Tertiary Education

VET (Vocational Education and Training) and TAFE (Technical and Further Education) are available to students who wish to continue their studies related to a particular vocation or trade, usually after Year 10. These studies are often work-based learning programmes.

University and Higher Education

Undergraduate degree courses at Australian universities take three years, but there is the option for double-degrees and post-graduate studies which take longer to complete. Some courses have distance learning and part-time options.

Applications to university must be made by August of the year of final exams, with enrolment taking place in December. Applications are made by the student's school to the state admissions centre.

Tuition fees apply, although there is a programme by the Australian government of deferred payment for students that can't meet these costs. Reimbursement begins once the student has graduated and is earning over a certain amount.

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