Activities for Toddlers in Australia

<em>Find out where to go and what to do with your toddler in Australia...</em>

Finding Toddler Groups

There are a number of children-focussed websites and magazines that provide useful information on toddler groups, classes and activities for toddlers. These include the websites The Bub Hub, the Raising Children Network and, in Sydney, the magazine Sydney's Child. Playgroup Australia helps parents to find local playgroups or to start a new one, anywhere in Australia.

Local newspapers also advertise playgroups and activities such as sports classes, arts and music.

Toddler Activities

Most towns have well provisioned play parks and Australia takes safety very seriously. Play parks suitable for toddlers can be found in towns and cities throughout the country. Indoor play centres are also commonplace and are popular venues on rainy days.

Swimming is another activity which many Australian children pursue. Swimming classes are usually readily available for all levels of ability and large aquatic centres and swimming pools can be found in most towns. Most towns also offer other activities such as gymnastics, ball skills, music, art, dance and ballet as well as playgroups that accommodate a number of activities.