Family Benefits

<em>Find out about the financial help available to parents of toddlers in Australia...</em>

Family Benefits/Assistance Payments

The Government provides financial assistance to families to help with the costs of raising children. The main family assistance payments available are:

  • Baby Bonus - a one off lump sum per child, paid after the birth
  • Paid Parental Leave - financial assistance during maternity leave
  • Family Tax Benefit - the amount paid depends on individual circumstances
  • Child Care Benefit - assistance with the cost of child care
  • Child Care Rebate - a back payment which helps with the cost of child care depending on circumstances

In order to benefit from Family Assistance payments, parents must meet residency requirements and hold a permanent visa if neither parent is an Australian or New Zealand citizen.

To find out who is eligible and to claim benefits, contact a local Family Assistance Office. These offices are situated within Medicare offices and Centrelink Customer Service Centres. Some payments are means tested on joint income levels and child care benefits can be restricted to working parents or parents on very low incomes.

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