Enrolment and the School Year

<em>Find out what to expect during the enrolment process in Australia...</em>


Enrolment generally takes place at the school itself. Parents have to provide proof that their child is a permanent resident of Australia or that they hold the appropriate visa, birth certificate, vaccination documents and previous school reports if applicable.

The School Year and Holidays

Australia's school year follows the calendar year from January to December, with summer holidays (usually about six or seven weeks) coinciding with Christmas and New Year. Depending on the state or territory, the school year is divided into three or four terms. With two weeks holiday in between. School holiday dates are fixed by local education departments and vary from one state/territory to another.

The school day varies from state to state but is generally from around 09:00 to 15:00, although some schools may start as early as 08:15 and finish at 15:30.

Schools are closed on national public holidays.

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