School Holidays in Melbourne, Victoria

A calendar of the school terms in Melbourne: all the dates when the state schools close for vacation...

Melbourne has a range of different schooling options provided by the Victorian Government and private institutions.

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Australia's school year follows the calendar year from January to December, with summer holidays (usually about six or seven weeks) coinciding with Christmas and New Year. Depending on the state or territory, the school year is divided into three or four terms with two weeks holiday in between. School holiday dates are fixed by local education departments and vary from one state/territory to another.

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Note: The holidays for colleges, universities and polytechnics differ from that of the schools. For more information refer to the relevant institutions. Private schools may have different holiday dates; check with the relevant school.

Schools are closed on national public holidays. There is an average of ten public holidays per year; the following working day is taken as the holiday if a public holiday falls on a weekend.