Hospitals and Pharmacies in Melbourne

Contact details for local hospitals in Melbourne in the event of an emergency, as well as information on ambulance services and 24-hour pharmacies...

Accident and Emergency Hospitals

Most public and private hospitals in Victoria have an accident and emergency department, most of which operate 24-hours a day. In the event of a medical emergency, patients are usually transferred by ambulance to the nearest public hospital. It is important to note that ambulance services in Australia are not free.

  • For more information on ambulance costs and arranging ambulance cover: Click here. This page also has information on other health care costs and insurance options

The public hospitals listed below all have accident and emergency departments. To view performance data and statistics for any hospital in Victoria visit the Department of Health Victoria website.

General Practitioners

To find a list of GPs in Melbourne see the Better Health website. It is also possible to search for any health professional, including nurses, chiropractors, speech therapists, podiatrists, dentists and dieticians.

  • To find an after-hours GP service, call the Healthdirect helpline, Tel: 1800 022 222


Pharmacists dispense medicines and can also provide services related to health care, clinical services, reviewing medications and providing drug information. Some basic medications, including pain relief medicines and medicines for common sickness, can be found at local supermarkets.