Facilities for People with Disabilities in Melbourne, Victoria

Information on the facilities available in Melbourne for people with disabilities with details on accessibility, parking permits and getting around on public transport...

The City Of Melbourne website has much information for people with disabilities on getting around, accessible amenities, parking permits and support for residents of Melbourne with a disability.

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Getting Around

Public transport in Victoria is gradually being made more accessible for people with disabilities and assistance is available for disabled travellers at metropolitan, suburban, country and interstate stations. More information on accessibility for disabled passengers can be found of the Public Transport Victoria website. Passengers may be eligible for free travel passes.

The Carer Card Program is a discounts and benefits card which supports Victorian carers and allows cardholders to free travel on public transport on Sundays.

  • Tel: 1800 901 958, Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Travellers Aid Access Service provides free personal care assistance and travel-related support for people with disabilities, enabling them to get around or attend work independently.

Parking Permits

Two types of parking permit for people with disabilities are available in the state of Victoria. These are issued to people with disabilities and mobility limitations. Holders are entitled to easy access parking bays, including at shopping centres, on-street parking, libraries, hospitals and schools.

  • For information from VicRoads about how to apply: Click here

Accessibility in Melbourne: Tourism and Sightseeing

Generally most major public buildings, post offices, museums, churches, shopping centres, arcades, hospitals and libraries are easily accessible. There are numerous hotels throughout Melbourne that are wheelchair-friendly and offer accessible accommodation and facilities. Many restaurants and cafés offer alfresco dining or outside seating.

  • For a mobility map of Melbourne's entertainment and sporting precinct: Click here (PDF)
  • For a map of accessible public toilets in and around Melbourne: Click here

There are wheelchair friendly paths, kerb ramps and tactile indicators throughout the metropolitan area. Audible signals are situated at crossings in the central areas.

Useful Resources

  • DiVine Disability Online: Online community for and by people with a disability and published by the Victorian Government. The site covers a range of subjects including arts, lifestyle and local events
  • Human Services Directory: Provides access to relevant and up to date information about health, social and disability services in Victoria