Finding a Rental Property

<em>How to go about finding an apartment or house to rent in Australia...</em>

Rental properties can be found through registration with a number of real estate agents. Developing a relationship with the agent can be key to getting 'advance notice' on properties which can prove particularly useful in competitive markets such as Sydney or Melbourne.

Properties usually have a 'For Lease' billboard outside the front of the property advertising the agent details and contact number.

Most rental properties also have their details advertised on the Internet and/or in local newspapers.

The following websites are a common means of finding rental property throughout Australia:

Newspapers also have rental properties advertised in the "Classified" section. One of the most popular newspapers for real estate is The Age, with many classified advertisements on the weekend and on Wednesdays. Each state also has their own newspapers with a real estate section - ask local newsagents.

It is important to take a number of things into consideration when choosing a rental property:

  • Proximity to public transport, friends, shops, work or schools
  • Parking facilities
  • Security
  • State of repair
  • Rent rate and payment arrangements

Open Home

The Open Home is a way of marketing property in Australia. Properties usually have set viewing times during the week or on the weekend as opposed to private viewings organised through the agent. House hunters can search for Open Home advertisements in the daily paper and are free to visit the property (usually on the same day) at the stated times. An agent is usually present and the owners absent.

Renting Requirements

Both residents and foreigners are able to rent property in Australia. However, depending on the landlord, the following may be required:

  • Income of at least three times the monthly rent
  • Two years of favourable rental references or home ownership
  • Clear credit and eviction record
  • Proof of identification (copies of passport and visas)

Other documents that may be requested are driving licence, bank statements and written references from an employer or previous landlord. In some cases, prospective tenants can provide telephone numbers and names of people that can provide references. If references are not available, landlords may request that the tenant pay up to six month's rent straight away or may request a guarantor or co-signer.

The application for a rental property is largely about presenting a strong case and good references as competition for property can be high.

Further Information