Service Providers

Information about the main telecommunications service providers in Australia...

The Australian telecommunications market is currently growing rapidly, with many new companies opening up and changing ownership. The market is dominated by Telstra, which used to be a government monopoly. The Australian government defines a number of carrier conditions that Telstra must provide for its customers. Two other major providers of telephone and internet services are Vodafone and Optus. There are numerous smaller companies operating throughout the country.


Telstra is the main provider of telecommunications services in Australia. It provides both fixed line and mobile telephone services as well and broadband Internet for both personal and business customers. Their services cover more of the country than any other provider.

  • For the telecommunications services offered by Telstra: Click here

Fixed line connection

There is a charge to get a new fixed line connection in a home. The size of the charge depends on whether the home has an existing socket, if it doesn't a technician will need to visit to fit one. The following contact details can be used to arrange a Telstra fixed line telephone:

  • Telephone: 1800 331 286
  • On the Internet: Click here
  • To find out more about home fixed lines and plans: Click here

Mobile telephone connection

Telstra sells mobile telephones from a number of large global manufacturers. The choice of available handsets is broadly similar to that in most other developed countries. A new customer can get a Telstra mobile package on an existing handset purchased elsewhere.

There are several ways to buy a Telstra mobile telephone or call package:

  • Via the website: Click here
  • At a Telstra store. For a list of Telstra stores throughout the country: Click here


Once a telephone line is working in a home broadband Internet connection is possible using ADSL. Cable connection is available in some areas of Australia. Telstra has a number of Internet plans; sign up in the following ways:

  • Via the website: Click here
  • At a Telstra store. For a list of Telstra stores throughout the country: Click here
  • By telephone - Tel: 1800 220 033

The Australian government requires Telstra to have a range of packages for customers on low incomes as part of its licensing conditions.

  • To find out more about the Telstra Access for Everyone package: Click here

Satellite telephones

Telstra's mobile satellite service provides telephone communications to the remotest parts of Australia. The satellite telephones are slightly larger than normal mobiles as they have larger batteries. They are designed to be used as a mobile telephone; a fixed line telephone is also available.

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Optus provides fixed line and mobile telephones and broadband internet and has a range of payment options and plans. Products can be bought via the website or in one of the stores, which can be found throughout the country:

Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Australia supplies broadband Internet and mobile telephone services throughout the country. Products can be bought in one of the shops or on the website. It offers a range of monthly contract and pre-paid plans for mobile telephones.