Landline Telephones in Australia

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Australia...

The country code for Australia is 61.

Australian telephone numbers are made up of a two digit area code and an eight digit local number. The area codes are as follows:

  • 02 - Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales
  • 03 - Victoria and Tasmania
  • 04 - mobile telephones throughout the country
  • 07 - Queensland
  • 08 - South and West Australia and Northern Territory

Note: All the emergency services - ambulance, police and fire - can be reached on Tel: 000.

How to Get Connected

Landline telephones in Australia are called fixed lines. To get a fixed line connected with one of the main telecommunications providers is relatively simple. There is a charge for getting connected. The charge is higher if the property does not already have a functioning telephone socket from a previous connection. The time taken to connect depends on how much work needs to be done. The process can take up to several weeks. An application for a fixed line usually requires the following documents:

  • Identification, proving that the buyer is over the age of 18
  • A home address

Most telecoms companies offer customers local, long distance and international calls. Telephone calls to different states or provinces are called Subscribers Trunk Dialling, or STD calls, which refers to the ability to call long distance without operator assistance.

Charges and Billing Options

Telephone companies charge users for all connections, including those to answering machines, fax machines and recorded information services. Most companies have a range of billing options allowing customers to pay at an interval they prefer. Bills can be paid direct from a bank account, by telephone or fax and online. In the event of being unable to pay a bill a customer should get in contact with their telephone company as soon as possible.