Rock Climbing in Australia

Find out where to go to enjoy rock climbing in Australia...

Australia has some world famous rock climbing destinations including Arapiles and the Grampians in Victoria and the Blue Mountains and Nowra in New South Wales.

Where to climb

Nowra offers sandstone sport climbing about 140 Km south of Sydney. The routes here tend to be short, powerful and in the harder grades. The Blue Mountains are about 100 Km west of Sydney and offer a wide range of climbing from single pitch sport routes to multi-pitch traditional climbs.

Arapiles, with more than 2,000 routes is the biggest rock climbing destination in Australia. It is located near the little town of Natimuk, 33 Km south west of Horsham. The routes are up to 120m long.

The Grampians National Park is is less than an hour away from Arapiles and covers an area greater than 2,000 square Kilometres. The climbing is around 240 Km North West of Melbourne. All styles and difficulties of climbing are available in the Grampians, on its grey sandstone and orange and red quartzite cliffs. Much of the climbing is protected by traditional gear which a climber carries and places in cracks in the rock before attaching their rope to it, but there are also many newly developed sport climbing areas, which are protected by metal bolts left permanently in the rock.

Mountaineering and ice climbing are possible in the Australian Alps, the highest mountain range in the country. They are the only part of the continent which regularly has deep snow. The range has rock, snow and ice climbs of all styles.

Climbing clubs and associations

Some guidebooks to these and other climbing areas in Australia can be purchased in climbing shops around the country. However, there is also a wealth of information available online through the major climbing clubs operating in the country. These clubs promote climbing in their area, provide route and crag information and have opportunities for beginners to get into the sport. The main climbing clubs in Australia are listed below: