Cycling and Mountain Biking

Find out where to go to enjoy cycling and mountain biking in Australia...

Cycling and mountain biking are very popular in Australia. There are many cycling clubs throughout the country catering for riders of all abilities.

Where to cycle

The large open spaces and beautiful countryside of Australia give rise to numerous mountain biking opportunities. There are many mountain bike trails throughout the country, such as the Camden River Run in Sydney and the Yarra Trails in Melbourne. The Alpine riding at Mount Beauty in Victoria is thought to be the best in Australia. The national downhill and cross country competition tracks are located here.

Cycling organisations

Mountain Bike Australia is the national governing body for the sport. It provides information on trail access and how to find a local club. It is also a good resource for anyone interested in competitive riding.

Cycling Australia is the country's national body for competitive road biking. It has information on competitions, clubs and coaching. There are more than 250 cycling clubs in Australia.

Australia has many quiet back roads which are very popular with cyclists wanting to explore the country. Audax Australia offers non competitive long distance road rides open to anyone who is reasonably fit. It organises events and has clubs throughout Australia. It is not necessary to be a member to participate in an Audax Australia event.