Car Taxes

Find out how to tax your car when living and driving in Australia...

Following the purchase of a vehicle, a number of taxes must be paid. Car taxes are payable to the Road and Traffic Authority in the place of residence, and can be paid online.

The main car taxes that are due are:

  1. Registration Transfer Fee: This is basically an administrative charge.
  2. Stamp Duty: This varies according to the state of residence and is payable on all purchased cars. It is calculated on the value of the purchase of the car.
  3. Motor Vehicle Registration Tax: All cars in Australia must be registered and have a registration sticker on the land hand side of the windscreen which shows the motor and chassis numbers. The sticker also shows when registration expires. Cars must be registered annually and costs contribute to general road expenditure by the government. Fees are calculated based on the type of vehicle. Check when vehicle registration expires when purchasing a second hand vehicle.
  4. Luxury Car Tax: Cars purchased from a dealership and over a certain value are liable for luxury car tax. This tax does not apply when buying from a private individual.

For information specific to each state or territory, see the websites below: