Animal Restrictions

<em>What to expect on arrival: make sure you know where to go and what to do to get your pet settled in Australia...</em>


All cats and dogs entering Australia are required to go into one of the three quarantine stations on arrival. Quarantine periods vary depending on the country of export, but are generally a minimum of 30 days.

On receipt of the AQIS Import Permit, which is expected within ten working days after submitting the application (unless the application is completed incorrectly), pet owners should arrange quarantine accommodation for their pet in readiness for its arrival in Australia.

This should be done through an Animal Quarantine Station as early as possible, as demand for the accommodation is reasonably high.

  • For information on Animal Quarantine Station locations and fees: Click here

Payment for accommodation must be received by the quarantine facility prior to picking up the animal, after the quarantine period.

Travel arrangements for pets needs to be made before confirming the quarantine accommodation. Animals are permitted to fly into Sydney, Melbourne or Perth between 08:00 and 16:30 each day. If flights arrive out of these hours the pet owner needs to inform the quarantine station of the arrival time so it can arrange pick up of the animal.

  • For further information on flight arrangements for pets: Click here

Once travel arrangements for pets are confirmed, a pet owner can confirm the accommodation arrangements, at which time the following will need to be provided to the quarantine station:

  • AQIS Import Permit number
  • Flight number and date of arrival in Australia
  • Airway bill number
  • Contact telephone number
  • Details of any special needs for the pet

Moving Horses to Australia

Horses are only permitted into Australia if they are being imported from an AQIS approved country. The requirements for import vary depending on the country and purpose of the import. For example, whether the horse is a racing horse or a pet will affect the quarantine period for the animal.

  • For more information about requirements for horse imports and countries of origin: Click here

Disability Dogs

There are modified conditions for the import of disability assistance dogs to Australia.

  • For information on the import requirements for disability dogs: Click here