Travelling with Pets

<em>Find out how to make your pet comfortable on their journey to Australia...</em>

Flight Preparation

Once the relevant approval from the quarantine station has been received, the pet owner must visit a government-approved veterinarian for the pet to be scanned for external parasites, including visible or palpable ticks. The animal must also be deemed to be fit to fly to Australia and remain in quarantine for the required period upon arrival.

Finally, the following documentation needs to accompany the pet during travel:

  • Original or copy of the AQIS import permit
  • Completed Veterinary Certificate A (obtained after the final veterinarian scan)
  • General vaccination certificates, including rabies vaccination certificate
  • RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) laboratory report

Arrival in Australia

Upon arrival in Australia the pet will be taken directly to the Quarantine station, where they will remain until the set time for the particular country of origin is complete.

Pet Carriers

There are many Pet Travel Agents available throughout the world that can provide complete export/import services for pets.

For information about potential service providers:

  • Check commercial airline requirements
  • Refer to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), who represents 93 percent of scheduled international air traffic and provides standards for the transportation of live animals. 

Most commercial airlines require an IATA approved kennel for shipment of domestic animals. The kennel must meet airline size requirements and be big enough for the animal to stand, sit up and turn in during transport. The animal must not be drugged.