Types of Visa

Understand the types of visas required to enter Australia and how long they are valid...

Visitor Visa

In order to visit Australia as a tourist a visitor's visa is required. This is generally valid for three months although it can be extended to six months while in Australia.

  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has more information on tourist visa options and how to apply for one.

Passport holders from certain countries are eligible to apply for an online eVisitor visa via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. The eVisitor visa application is free and allows the holder to visit Australia for personal or business purposes for up to three months at a time within a 12-month period. Other conditions apply.

  • More details on the eVisitor visa are available on the DIBP website
  • The DIBP also published a list of countries whose citizens are eligible for an eVisitor visa

There are a number of visa types available for employment, family, retirement, partner and business purposes. The visa categories are Permanent, Provisional and Temporary; each with a number of subclasses.

Permanent Visas

To attain a permanent visa the applicant must be highly skilled, hold a post-secondary qualification, possess specialised work experience and have good English. Permanent visas are points tested and sufficient skill points are required to reach the pass mark. There are different subclasses within permanent visas depending on whether the applicant is independent or being sponsored.

Provisional Visas

Provisional visas have a lower pass mark and a lower level of English requirement. They can provide a pathway to permanent residence for visa holders.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas are valid for six months to four years depending on the type of visa. Individuals on a temporary visa can often transform this visa into a permanent one after a given time.

  • The DIBP has a Visa Wizard that allows applicants to find the most suitable visa